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Voip call rate manager script  v.2.0

Provide CSV, xls rates link to vendors ( reseller / wholeseller/ Partners). You can give your xls, csv rates links to your clients, resellers, wholesellers and partners and this link will show your rates. You don't need to update your links

GKAuth::VoIP Call management  v.1.0

GkAuth is a call management system written in PHP and Perl for the GNU Gatekeeper project.


CallShop Billing  v.1.1.265

CallShop Billing (formerly VOIP Call Shop Billing Software) is a complete switching and Billing solution for Callshop owner. An software that runs in a CallShop, where people step in to make calls and pay the cashier on their way out.

Webrequest Callback-Button

VOIP-call-back-button for ones own website. Features: Outgoing calls to other SIP-and IAX-addresses the SIP-and IAX-address will be transfered standardly as well as the name-alternatively anonymous. With calls, which are terminated into the fixed line

IPhone IAX Client  v.1.0

iPhone softphone is designed specifically to leverage the iPhone's unique capabilities and easy way to make a iPhone voip call by using iPhone devices.

JavaVoIP  v.1.0

Compact but full featured Java VoIP library in a single 1 MB .jar for developers to easily build SIP client applications or add VoIP call capabilities into any Java application.

MyConnection PC  v.4.0c

MyConnection PC tests your Internet connection to Visualware server locations, and provides an analysis of your download and upload speeds, connection quality, supported VoIP call quality,

Panaton  v.

The best value-added offer on the market! Panaton Conferencing will change the way you setup and participate in conference calls! It empowers your conference calls with all digital connections in more than 40 countries (No VoIP), Call Me service

Call Center CRM  v.8.6.2

Voicent's Call Center CRM is a powerful software tool for managing customer interactions in call centers or sales organizations

MySpeed PC VoIP  v.3.0c Build 1298

MySpeed PC VoIP analyzes your Internet connection to determine the potential quality of voice communication. It not only measures broadband speeds (upload/download speeds), but also Jitter, Packet Loss, and bandwidth consistency,

Cheap Call  v.

Do you have expensive domestic or international calls on a regular basis? Try this little app to get away either a lot cheaper or free (as in free beer). How does it work: -------------------------- The app allows you to call any number (contacts

VoIP Tracker Lite  v.0.9

VoIP Tracker Lite is a little application to help you track the availability of your VoIP device (LinkSys and Sipura).

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